Black Desert Online - Lvl 18 Update

Black Desert Online - Lvl 18 Update

8 hours in and I am loving this game! The combat is smooth as hell, lag for us Aussies is next to nothing, and there is an abundance of stuff to do (even early on).

Some particular aspects of this game make me cringe: the story is absolutely poor, why have they even bothered with it? I'm made to go around killing mobs for empty reasons by a Black Spirit that summons me annoyingly often. You can talk to him anywhere, which makes grinding  the main quests a little more bearable since you don't have to travel back and forth just to hand in quests or get new ones.

Besides the main quests, there are a bucket load of side quests to complete at your leisure. I was stuck in one of the first main cities, Velia, for almost 2 hours walking around talking to all major NPCs, grabbing their missions, and completing city wide ones in between.

Black Desert's world is far from empty, with so many interesting sites to see and people to talk to. It really makes the RPG element stand out more than most MMOs I've played. I am enjoying both role playing and combat just as much as each other, which makes it impossible for me to get bored as I swap between the two whenever one starts to get stale.

There is so much more I still don't understand about the mechanics of this game, but I sure am getting there. I have a horse now, which is good. You can feed it carrots. (I think they are vital for replenishing his stamina).

I also bought a house, but only for storage. Which means I don't actually have a house. I'll get back to this once I figure out what the hell it all means...

6 Mar 2016 10:29 PMBrittany Mitchell