Black Desert Online MMORPG Released Today!

Black Desert Online MMORPG Released Today!

Hey hey, happy Friday everyone! What so many people have been waiting for, Black Desert Online is now officially live. Here's the announcement from the officials:

Pack your cloak, sharpen your weapons, and grab as many bags as you can carry, because it’s time to set off on an epic adventure! The highly anticipated MMORPG Black Desert Online is out today, bringing with it the deepest character customization system yet.


I've only just recently started following this game and I have very high hopes of its success. Bringing deep customisations similar to ArcheAge, this massive sandbox game looks beautiful with next-gen graphics. You'll be stumped with the amount of stuff to do during your adventure such as questing, farming, taming horses, housing, fishing, and much much more.

Something that makes this Korean MMO stand out from the usual mix is its buy-to-play (B2P) structure. Launching with two packages, you can either spend 30USD or 50USD, both with additional extras.

As expected, I didn't last long in Blade & Soul, but I'm looking forward to starting my adventure in Black Desert. Look out for the Wizard class, oh man do they look cool!

4 Mar 2016 8:01 AMBrittany Mitchell