Blade & Soul MMORPG Released Today - F2P or P2W?

Blade & Soul MMORPG Released Today - F2P or P2W?

Blade & Soul is a martial arts style role-playing game originated in Korea in 2012. It has finally come to the western countries, published by NCSoft, who are known for their previous MMO's such as Wildstar and Guild Wars 2. It is becoming increasingly risky for developers to bring their free to play online games across to America and Europe, as this particular market in gaming is an extremely competitive one, where the audience is overcritical but sometimes for good reason.

The whole F2P (free to play) scheme that is actually P2W (pay to win). I have unfortunately encountered this disappointment before with Archeage, one of my favourite MMO's ever. I started playing this game at launch, with the optional subscription already added to my account for 30 days. I had some of the best times in that first month so I decided to continue playing after a short break as a free account. And what a mistake that was. The bad and ugly of Archeage came out within a day of playing. All I can hope is that they change the way they do things after a bucket load of criticism they received.

Not all free to play games are like this. I've heard Skyforge is far from P2W, and of course there is the very popular Neverwinter, which I plan on trying on the Xbox One. I am definitely going to give Blade & Soul a good go (currently downloading, ever so slowly), as the art style really looks beautiful, however we'll soon see if my average computer can run this game well, while at a decent graphics setting. That's one thing that Archeage got right, beautiful graphics, but not very demanding on your PC specs.

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20 Jan 2016 9:37 AMBrittany Mitchell