Firewatch - Is it worth it?

Firewatch - Is it worth it?

Firewatch, developed by indie devs Campo Santo, begins in an interesting way, giving you a choice on how some of the main character's past details play out. The beginning starts in the same way no matter what dialogue options you choose: Henry decides to take a summer job as a fire lookout ranger at Two Forks Lookout Area in Wyoming. After hiking for 2 days he arrives at his watch tower, alone but for his supervisor Delilah talking through the radio from another lookout tower off in the distance.

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Home sweet home.

Immediately you can tell how well the voice acting and script was done. With Delilah the only socialising you have, the game surprising doesn't feel as lonely as it may look. You are in near constant contact with her as you play through the events of the summer. This part of the game stands out as the best by far. If they had of screwed up the dialogue between Henry and Delilah, there wouldn't be much to stick around for.

I immensely enjoyed getting lost in the beautiful surroundings of Two Forks. From dense forestry to rivers, lakes, canyons, and caves. However I quickly noticed something missing. Where the hell was the wildlife? Dialogue from Delilah suggested there were bears, but I came across no bears whatsoever. All I came across was a few birds in the distance and a turtle. Literally, that's it.

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Hello little friend.

After noticing this I soon began to notice a few more flaws. The story felt very slow when it hit the middle mark. The intro was played at a fantastic pace but then all of a sudden came to a halt and dragged on till right at the end you discover the mystery. Then bye bye Two Forks, summer over, you're out.

I felt like I missed a big chunk of the game. But was there even anything to miss? Sure I know there were a few little secrets that were left uncovered like treasure for example. And there is replayability in having different dialogue choices. But how much of an impact do the differences make? If it's anything like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I would definitely go for another playthrough. But I know it's not. The story will play out the same, but you may just find out little things here and there after choosing different dialogue which act as mere facts.

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Truly stunning environments.

I really expected there to be more gameplay mechanics tied into the story. There were enough twists for sure, but it felt like it played out sporadically and never really delivered fully. For a $30 AUD game, I expected to get much more out of it. I do not feel it is worth my time to play through again just to see what I could find out by choosing different dialogue options. I can just Google that if I was curious enough.

I suggest waiting for the game to go on sale. It's definitely not a bad game, just not really worth the full charge.

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3 Apr 2016 9:21 PMBrittany Mitchell