Moonlighter Is Now Live On Kickstarter!

Moonlighter Is Now Live On Kickstarter!

We recently posted about Moonlighter's success on Square Enix Collective. It is now officially up on Kickstarter, which you can check out here. Their pledge goal is US$40,000, and with 32 days to reach it I am confident they can do it.

Strongest campaign we ever had.

Phil Elliot. Head of SQEX Collective.

Also recently announced is the new composer for Moonlighter, Alec Holowka AKA @infinite_ammo. He has worked on multiple indie projects and is currently working on an upcoming adventure and exploration game, Night In The Woods. Take a listen to a preview on bandcamp here. It's adorable as hell.

31 May 2016 6:15 PMBrittany Mitchell