My Game of the Year 2015

My Game of the Year 2015

As a year in gaming goes, 2015 was incredible. There were so many diamonds in a sea of sapphires and rubies, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being one of them who have already gained so many GOTY awards. Ori and the Blind Forest was one of the most acclaimed indie titles of the year, praised for story, gameplay, and music. There is one title however that came early in the year that stayed at my No. 1 the entire time.

This will come as no surprise to some people, my game of the year for 2015 is Bloodborne. An action role-playing game that is brutally unforgiving and stunningly beautiful. An intricate, sometimes bizarre, creation from the respectable developers that brought you the unforgettable Souls series, From Software.

Bloodborne delivers an exhausting and exhilarating journey into the depths of madness.

IGN Review - 9.1/10

After only an hour or so into Bloodborne, it took hold of me and didn’t let go. I felt like it was made for me. From the perfected fast paced combat to the immersive Victorian world design, and not to mention the astounding soundtrack, this was everything I’ve ever wanted in a video game.

The one small disappointment I had early on was it wasn’t big enough. The main world any way, not including the Chalice Dungeons, which actually add a bucket load of more content. But to be honest, these can get tiring. So it was fantastic of From Software to release the first and possibly only expansion, The Old Hunters, in November. It added three massive brand new areas to play through, with a good amount of new weapons and items – which has doubled the total.

Bloodborne is a blood-drenched horror gem that has only the faintest of cracks in its façade.

Game Informer Review - 9.75/10

As an open world game, this is one that challenges me greatly. My patience, because you die, a lot, and my ability to think strategically under pressure, instead of spamming the attack button. Because that will get you no where. But the rewarding feeling you get after you beat one of the many difficult enemies is so worth it.

I honestly would recommend any one to try this game. But be warned, if this is your first time with one of From Software’s unrelenting masterpieces, you may turn yourself insane from the brutality that is a souls game.

23 Dec 2015 8:05 AMBrittany Mitchell