PS4 vs Xbox One - I Just Have To

PS4 vs Xbox One - I Just Have To

I apologise for even thinking about writing a post regarding the PlayStation / Xbox war, I know people absolutely hate it even being mentioned! But I just have to express my thoughts on each console and why I prefer one over the other. I will try to keep this as positive as possible, I promise!

The console I prefer without a doubt is the PlayStation 4, simply because I much prefer the PS4 exclusives over Xbox One exclusives, and the controller suits my hands much better. Even though Xbox One is now using Windows 10 universal OS, I still prefer PS4's software as I find it much simpler to use, although it is undoubtedly lacking in features such as deleting games permanently from the library, organising the "home screen", changing your PS ID, and so much more.

Alomora64 gaming blog Bloodborne game of the year 2015
Bloodborne: best PS4 exclusive, my game of the year 2015

It's a shame that you now have to pay subscription to play games online, unlike on the PS3, but it was obvious they were going to go down this route with the next gen consoles. When it's a choice between PS+ or Games with Gold, Xbox wins out for sure. Not only do they offer more AAA titles than PlayStation Plus, but you also get to keep the games even after cancelling the Xbox Live subscription. I do however see the benefits PS+ has with offering more indie titles, especially for the indie developers. PS+ also now has Vote to Play, a feature they have only introduced twice, but has been quite successful both times, allowing the players to choose one of three indie titles for the next months featured PS+ game for PS4.

Now when it comes down to the physical console itself, PlayStation swamps Xbox with it's already sleek, slim design, compared to the brick that is the Xbox One (and the power pack is still even outside the console). But don't get me wrong, I am very happy with my limited edition Halo 5 Guardians designed console. The controller is amazing as well. Well done Microsoft.

Alomora64 gaming blog Xbox One exclusive halo 5 guardians edition console
So pretty *-*

I am very lucky to own both consoles, so no complaints here. Neither has given me any serious issues that I've had to get out warranty for (although sometimes my PS4 likes to shit me with its Rest Mode issues). When it comes down to choosing a platform for a game (e.g. The Division), I don't care for exclusive DLC etc, but choose the community, controller, and the fact that I already have PS+ so I don't want to waste my money on Xbox Live if I don't have to!

Thanks for reading my opinion, I would love to hear yours in the comments!

11 Mar 2016 9:51 AMBrittany Mitchell