Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass - Yay or Nay?

Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass - Yay or Nay?

The first expansion for Star Wars: Battlefront releases for Season Pass owners tomorrow! Honestly it feels like time has flown by since the release of the main game in November last year, but that's probably because we've been drip-fed free DLC almost every month since then. Which is quite nice.

What I'm struggling to decide is whether I should spend $75.95 AUD on the Season Pass now to get the Outer Rim expansion early or if I should wait and purchase it alone for $20 AUD (approximately, judging from the USD price)? This is one tough decision. Buying the season pass now not only allows me to jump straight into the action for every up coming expansion but could also potentially save me money in the long run. I plan to keep up with the content since I'm having so much fun with the game (now that I've put aside my distaste in EA's money hungry business decisions). And we do not know yet whether future expansions will cost more than Outer Rim (I'm guessing yes since #2 and #3 bring a whole new planet each). But if they stay the same $20 AUD price, it won't save much at all.

Spending $75.95 AUD is like buying a brand new AAA title game. Will EA deliver enough content that makes this price worth it?

What about you? Have you already purchased the season pass or are you stuck trying to decide like me? I'd love to hear any thoughts in the comments below!

22 Mar 2016 6:38 PMBrittany Mitchell