Star Wars: Battlefront's First DLC Outer Rim Reeled Me Back In

Star Wars: Battlefront's First DLC Outer Rim Reeled Me Back In

Since purchasing the Season Pass (yes, I caved) the day that Outer Rim released I have practically played it non-stop. I think I was rank 25 and now I've just reached rank 35 today. This is more than what I played when the main game released back in November last year! It is thanks to all new content and additional features.

New Mode Extraction Gets the Heart Racing

One new multiplayer mode has been added exclusive to the Outer Rim DLC owners. Extraction has got to be one of the best modes so far. Whether you're on the rebel side racing against the clock trying to keep the cargo moving to each of the three check points, or whether you're on the imperial side trying to stop them in their tracks until the clock hits 0:00, this is a mode that requires team work and coordination. I have played many games in this mode and if your team aren't all aiming for the same objective, you are most definitely screwed.

Most of the time both sides are evenly matched in fairness across each map, except for a few bottle-neck areas where imperials can stop the rebels advancing with their cargo quite easily if they stay on top of it. However if the rebels are smart, they can navigate around and flank them.

Four New Pristine Maps

Everyone can agree that Star Wars: Battlefront is the highest of standard when it comes to graphics and art design. Oh man are the new maps impressive! I get a sense that DICE have put a lot of thought and effort into the new Sullust maps based around the industrial factories and the incredibly dense Jabba's Palace. These new areas would have to be the main addition that keeps calling me back for more. I have had a lot of fun exploring, finding great flank spots and hidey holes to jump my enemies unexpectedly.

New Weapons and Star Cards Arrive in a New Way

Along with the new Outer Rim exclusive weapons, star cards and power-ups came a new feature available to all players: Hutt Contracts. Through this new feature is the only way to acquire the new items, which at first I found sort of annoying. I mean, this is the first time they have added new weapons and star cards and they make you work for it? You still need to work for the credits in order to purchase the contracts by the way. But after completing my first few contracts I realised that they've done this to give us players a worthwhile mission. Whether that be using a particular style of weapon, getting an objective score in a particular mode, or using star cards you never usually would have liked to use in order to unlock the reward that is offered.

All players have access to at least two (I think?) new items to work for even if they haven't purchased the DLC or Season Pass, which gives them a chance to try out the new Hutt Contracts feature.

New "Iconic" Heroes Blast Right Into the Action

I apologise if this offends some major Star Wars fans out there, but "iconic", really? I love Star Wars, have since I was a kid, but I did need to Google the new heroes Greedo and Nien Nunb and their roles in the original trilogy. As disappointed as I was when first hearing of their arrival to the online multiplayer game, they have proven to be incredible assets to modes like Heroes VS Villains and Extraction.

Both characters feel like fresh additions to the now somewhat boring lineup. Nien Nunb especially stands out with his ability to hold down an area with his upgradable turret and mines after mines! Greedo however is definitely my favourite. Being a very fast and aggressive character, he has an interesting grenade mechanic for one of his abilities, as well as the ability to target up to five enemies and blast them all at once. PLUS he also has a scan pulse ability to top it off. Watch out for this guy!

Now the Issues

Included in the massive 8GB Outer Rim release update were some UI changes to the Multiplayer section. Supposedly it is to improve matchmaking, which is one of the main issues here in Australia. So far it has proved to work, however I now have to delve deep to find main modes like Blast and Fighter Squadron which are not in the 40 player and 16 player rotations.

It also bothers me that you cannot choose a specific mode to stay in while playing the Outer Rim DLC  exclusive content. You may pick which mode to start in but if you stay with the current team, you will eventually be rotated through other modes such as Extraction, Heroes VS Villains, Droid Run, Blast, etc. As of yet, not all modes are playable with the new DLC content either, which is a bummer.

All the hardcore players have come out of hiding and are rampaging through all the new content, which has successfully unbalanced my play. Around every corner is either a shadow trooper or a scout trooper ready to interrupt your kill streak. However, DICE have finally added in a re-balancing mechanic when transitioning between maps to make the next game less painful.

All in all I am quite happy with this update as it has exceeded my low expectations. I'm disappointed there was no single player / split screen co-op content added since I love to play that with Alex. I'm also a little underwhelmed with the new weapons, but instead finding new loves for the old. There is still much to unlock and many more pew pew, blast 'em.

Let me know in the comments how you're finding the new update!

26 Mar 2016 10:43 PMBrittany Mitchell