Upcoming Action Rogue-lite Indie Game: Moonlighter

Upcoming Action Rogue-lite Indie Game: Moonlighter

Moonlighter is set in the village Rynoka, a small-time commercial town surrounded by dungeons. These said dungeons are where the adorable little shopkeeper Will goes to explore and loot for exotic items to sell in his shop so he can grow stronger and discover bigger and better things.

The dungeons are randomly generated so you never know what sort of enemies or treasure you may find when going through the next door. Moonlighter has a number of different weapons that Will can wield to use against these enemies. He has also got special abilities he can use which are enabled by certain scrolls.

Don't be deterred from the pixel art style, because damn it looks beautiful and is executed really well. After announcing Moonlighter on Square Enix Collective (a pre-crowdfunding analysis platform), indie developers Digital Sun Games received an overwhelming response. The project got 95% of voters saying YES to backing the game if it came to crowdfunding, one of the most popular projects on Collective to date.

Currently the developers are aiming for an early-2017 release, but of course this can change at any time. I for one am very excited to get my hands on this indie title. Click here to check out their pitch on Square Enix Collective.

6 May 2016 7:10 PMBrittany Mitchell